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In these uncertain times, it’s important to us to keep you informed on how we will ensure we keep our Opes staff and customers protected and prevent the spread of Covid-19. 


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Property sanitation is paramount and our team will be completing the following disinfection processes during our:

Private inspections and appraisals. 

  • Private viewings strictly by appointment only and with the consent of the vendor and property occupants
  • Pre-registration of all private viewing attendees including names, addresses and phone numbers, to assist with contact tracing
  • All attendees to be emailed COVID-19 information beforehand, including hygiene expectations
  • Private viewing is ‘contactless’ and surfaces cannot be touched by attendees. The agent will open any doors/ cupboards on behalf of attendees
  • Agent to open internal/external doors as appropriate beforehand to minimise the risk of surface transmission
  • Property owners/occupants to leave premises during viewing, where possible
  • One private viewing at a time. Viewings to be spaced sufficiently apart to allow time for sanitising after each viewing, as required, and to ensure
  • Maximum of two people from the attendee’s ‘bubble’ to attend a private viewing there is no contact between attendees
  • Attendees to wait in their vehicles until agent advises they can enter, to ensure that there is no contact between attendees
  • Keep private viewings very brief, suggested 15 minutes
  • Display COVID-19 information and hygiene notices at property
  • No private viewings at properties where a person living at the property is or has been in the 14 days prior to the viewing, unwell or self-isolating
  • Agent to wear gloves and hand sanitiser to be available for use by all attendees entering and exiting the property
  • Those feeling unwell, have travelled overseas recently, are self-isolating or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 may not attend the viewing
  • High-risk people should consider not attending the viewing (e.g. those over 70 or those with other existing medical conditions)
  • Physical distancing of 2m to be maintained at all times
  • Shoes removed prior to entry
  • Afterwards, sanitise or use antibacterial wipes to wipe down areas attendees may have accidentally touched
  • All Exterior and Interior door handles                           
  • All balustrades 
  • Contactless Property Information
  • Contactless Listing and Sale Documents

Pre-settlement inspections and purchaser due diligence:

If a professional (For example, a building inspector, valuer or engineer) is attending the property, they need to:

  1. adhere to physical distancing (2m)
  2. not attend property if occupants have been overseas recently, are self-isolating or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 14
    days, or if they or anyone they have been in contact with have been a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 14 days
  3. limit number of persons at the property (e.g. have professionals attend separately)
  4. minimise their time at the property
  5. minimise in-person contact with vendor/s. 
  • REA recommends purchasers should not attend the property with the professional. We recommend they join by phone or videoconference if they wish to
  • REA recommends licensees provide the professional with access to the property, but wait outside or in one room in the house while the professional works
  • Record contact details of any professional visiting the property and the date they attended, to assist with contact tracing
  • Ask the professional to sanitise areas they may have touched – or ask them to wear gloves which can be disposed of immediately after the visit


Covid 19